Do You Believe In Love?

Do you believe in love?  What is love exactly?  Is love not inexorable?  Is it not a perception?

Everyone is an individual and everyone needs to be loved in their special way.  So let us focus on behaviors that come from love.  J.U.C.F -jucf.  Jucf is a reminder of principals that will help you to live in love everyday and live in love when you have moments that are not so lovable.

 J-Joy......Always remember to be of service to love.  When you love, remember to create joy in life.  Offering joy makes the one you love joyful.  Ask yourself- what do they need from me?  How can I help to fulfill their wants, needs, and desires? Asking yourself these questions will create joy wherever you are.  If you find yourself at a moment of distress, anger, or dislike- ask yourself how can you give joy at that moment.  What you give returns to you, so remember to give joy to the ones you love.

U-Understanding........Give your love to observe and understand.  To understand someone is to love them.  When you understand- only then can you love someone as they need to be loved.  Only then can you love them because you understand them.
C-Compassion..........When you understand them-you can be apart of their solution that's for their discovery.  Living in compassion is a loving choice.  You choose to view the world through someone else's view. Living with compassion is living with love.  As you grow to understand your love you will also grow to be compassionate of other's thoughts and actions.  To love them is to ease them of their suffering in any way you can.
F-Freedom...............When you understand you are more accepting to who someone is.  To love someone is to let them live freely as they are.  Freedom is where your imperfections become your perfections.  Accepting who someone is - is love.  Allowing them to be who they are is loving without conditions and that is freedom.

 Love is a behavior- how you act and react to life's situations.  When you find yourself at a moment when love is needed- remember Jucf- and ask yourself if you are living by Jucf's principals- joy, understanding, compassion, and freedom.  Love has many ideas to many people.  If you agree, disagree, or want to add on- feel free to leave a comment.  Remember to live in love and remember Jucf's principals. Learn to love,