Stay Smooth

Everyone loves to feel good. Especially woman, we like to feel soft so our husband or partner will brush himself against us and say "Oh baby, you feel so good." But do you know how to maintain or get that succulent skin? Well, here are a few steps to help:
  • Moisturize your body while still damp

  • Use lotions with emoilients (turn the bottle upside down, the slower the lotion moves to the top, the richer the emoillents).

  • Exfoliate your body at least once a week. This will remove the dead skin cells and moisturize the "new" skin.

  • Wash with tepid water (ladies, I know we love our steam, hot, showers, so keep in mind to double lubrications when you get out the shower).

  • Humidifiers in the room help keep your skin hydrated

  • DRINK WATER!!!! This is the Best that you can do for your body and skin.
I know sometimes its easy to let life take control of you and let yourself go, but remember you have one body, what you do to it is up to you.