MakeUp Tips

As a MakeUp Artist highlighting and contouring the face is a specialty for me, all though you should always love every part of your body, there is nothing wrong with a little illusion to create a look you want. Here are a few tips:
Always remember, when you want to hide something use darker shades.
Nikki's artist highlighted under her cheeks to give her the illusion of high cheek  bones.
" " when you want to highlight, use brighter shades.
*To down play a long nose brush the contouring powder down the center of the nose.
*To down play a wide nose shade either sides of the nose.

To keep skin from looking washed out under bright lights use foundation thats one shade darker than your skin tone (fair skin only).
Bronzer used, but not a lot
Look awake with luminizer, dot on top of cheek bone and brow bone (eyebrow arch space)- please DO NOT USE 2 MUCH 

To look more alert, use powder one shade lighter than skin tone to use as an undereye highlighter. Some prefer to use a white pencil under the eye as a highlighter to give the same effect.

*If putting on a pile of mascara, place tissue under eye and GO CRAZY with it.

*Longer lipstick wear, dab loose powder on lips

*Excessive eye liner makes the eyes look smaller, unless used on the outside rim of eyes (do not line the inner eye if you are not trying to make eyes smaller). 

Hope this helps