Make an excuse to hang out with your girls! Have drinks, socialize, and learn Beauty Tips from Jenee Michell.

As an Esthetician and MakeUp Artist, I offer ways to beautify YOU- through, MakeUp , Skin Care, Hair Care and Hair Extension services, products, and advice.


1.) Have a traditional at home gathering

2.) Have a day gathering- for those home during the day, have a morning or afternoon session with the girls

3.) Stop and Shop- lunch hour or afternoon get together

4.)Theme Party "Most Popular" have a couples party, girls night out, etc- the ideas are endless!

5.) Fund raiser/ or organization for self awareness and beauty 

6.)Co-Host(Partner with a friend) to plan a beauty session 

7.) Restaurant-Super Fun- you and friends have dinner and we chat about beauty services, products, advice

8.) Saturday Multiple Choice- I offer 3 times to accommodate- 11am, 3pm, and 7pm

9.) Open House Consultant Card- casual shopping with personal services offered

These are only some ideas to have an excuse to Party, why not learn tips and look good while hanging with your Girls.