Post Party Face!

Too many drinks, not enough sleep, and not drinking water- SCREAMS- a not so cute face in the moring! SO, what do you do? Let me give you a few tips to perk up your look!
1.) Usually on the party scence there is drinking, smoking, and other things going on in the atmosphere- which makes your skin look lack luster and dull because your skin is dehydrated. So splash on some H2o(water) to quench your skin's thirst!
2.) If you have a hydrating mask nearby, put it on for 15-20 minutes, not only did you have a blast last night, you have an excuse to better beautify your skin the next day.
4.)Puffy eye tip: wake up 20 minutes b4 your scheduled to and place 2 sliced cucumbers on your eyelids. This helps constrict the blood from your eyes and reduce puffiness(I have a great at home eye mask mixture- I can email ingredients and directions- 
5.)and/or Concealer is a makeup bag essential!!! Dark concealers minimize imperfections; while light concealer highlight. The trick to concealer is use it lightly and naturally. I suggest after your foundation, take a step back and see where you need to highlight/minimize- remember, not 2 much!
6.)Tip: After a night out put more focus on your lips rather than your eyes. Conceal the eye with concealer, but don't play it up, rather- use a lot of lip gloss or use an attracting lip color to fous on your mouth, rather than your eyes.
7.) Tip: If you can, try to remember to wash your face when you come home and slather your face an EXTRA Moisturizing creme before you go to bed, you will thank yourself in the morning.
I hope this helps, keep visiting my blog or sign up to stay posted for more beautifying tips and tricks!
Jenee Michell