Doin the Butts

There is so much controversy going on about the BOOTY. Talks about Niki Minaj, Kim Kardasian, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez...... is it real or is it not? But whats the big deal- all these women look Fabulous- no matter the orgins of their buttocks. And we all have or know a girlfriend with a small waist and big a**-lol, I have a few of them!
The question is, do you want to have a nicely contoured backside or not?

You have a few options: 

Cosmetically- Butt implants or butt injections are available and very popular, in 2008 it was reported almost 5,000 butt surgeries were done can you imagine the increased number now?
A few F.Y.I: 
  • Butt Implants typically involve an incision made between the buttock muscle and fat where surgeons place the silicone implant(yes silicone, like breast implants)
  • Butt Injections(different from butt implants(above))- have become more popular, where surgeons take fat from a plentiful area (abdomen, hips, thighs, arms), purify the fat and place it in the buttocks(some look at this as a 2 for 1 surgery-lol)
  • Fat Injections(above) are usually called The Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Recently patients have preferred the butt injection procedure rather than the butt implants with silicons, becuase the silicone is moveable
  • General Anesthesia is given with buttock procedures and you are usually done within 2-3 hours (outpatient)
  • Depending on where you live, Butt Implants/Injections can range from $3,000 to $10,000 (usually $4,500)
Risks------- Butt implants can shift and make butt implants look asymmetrical and can cause infection due to a foreign object in your body. Butt implants and injections stretch the skin, which can be painful, with many sleeping nights on your stomach.
FYI--Body contouring can be done on many body areas:
abdomen, arms, biceps, triceps, body lift(usually done by people with excessive weight loss), buttocks, calves, penile enlargement (Hello Ladies), vaginal rejuvenation(vaginal tightness), cellulite, thighs, if you can think of it, I'm sure there is a procedure for it!
Another buttock option: 

Products that can be bought- The butt pads ( I have seen a few butt pads, already inserted in the pants and as garters to wear alone- but the pads are not that big) 1 guy said he calls it false advertisement, because when the pants come off, there is usually nothing there, but to me butt pads are no differ than push up bras- when there on, they lay high, when the bras are off, they fall low!Last but not Least:

The natural way to increase your butt size- Exercise, few take this route, because it takes at least 3-6 months to see results and you must be consistent with exercising that area, from doing lounges, squats, eating right, etc..but its real and its all you.Tell me what you think and leave a comment: Would you consider the butt implant? Do you think celebrity have falsies? Did you want to add anything to the content?

Hope You Enjoyed

  • The information given for Butt Implants/Injections should be used as an introduction to the buttock procedure, this information should not be used to determine whether you get the procedure or not. For further information and details, please speak with your Physician