Spring is here, Do not be Afraid to BLUSH it UP!

Though 2011 rings a year of the colors, prints, and retro. Blush is now the new "in" and she has no color lines, from Black, Latino, White, Asian- all shades of women can rock blush. Though some are afraid to dibble (I was there, afraid to look like a clown, trust me I know). My best advice practice, practice, practice to see what looks best on you.

*Tip*It helps to have the same texture of foundation and blush (cream makeup/ creme blush, powder makeup/powder blush). 

pink blush
Bronze Blush

Orange or Coral Blush

As an Artist what I've experianced: Lighter skin tones are more likely to rock pinks, light browns, some oranges and pull off sexy. While Darker tones rock brownish orange, pinks, reds, or blue and look super model. 

*Tip* Start light with your blush and build up(easier to add, than to take away).

Blush can be used to look younger, youthful, or to contour the face (darker shades). 
Kelly's face is contoured around her cheek bones highlighting her center face: eyes , nose , and lips.  Making her face appear more elongated.

*Tip* When wearing blush, refrain from wearing the same color lipstick or eyeshadow to not look over dramatic. Also, remember, you can color your eyes, cheeks, and lips. For a night out or event look, I'd suggest coloring 1 or 2 facial features. For a day look I suggest 1 focus(play up either your , eyes, cheeks, or lips), but again, sometimes you can break the rules and still look flawless and fashionable.   Stay tuned to me offering more advice on day/night looks.