Tips to Bounce Back from a BreakUp.....

Ashley G. is a fashionista to many in the South. Helping men and women to create the "look" they desire for an event, career change, or a bad breakup. I interviewed Ashely for questions myself and others may have about fashion and how to bounce back from a horrible break up..........

Jenee---Okay Ash, when some love, they love hard. Sometimes a breakup can be a breath of fresh air or you can feel like you've lost apart of yourself. So what do you suggest post breakup to change your look?

Rhi-Rhi rocks the Pixie Cut
Ashley G--- Girl, I absolutely recommend a cut after a breakup- a fresh new do will totally change your attitude about that man.

Jenee--- I can see that, cutting your hair can be like therapy in a sense, to give you a new look and feel. I like that, what about a women's confidence, sometimes we can loose touch with ourselves. What fashion item is a must?

Ashley G--- Stiletoes!!! Stillettoes gives you the appearence of being taller and boosts your confidence. Spring colors are golds, pinks, reds, orange(festive) visit my blog for a full list(

Jenee--- Love it, so we got some ideas from the fashion end. What about things to do or actions to take after the breakup?

Ashley G---Make it a plan to go out on the town. What have you missed since you've been in a relationship? Visit new places or revisit places you haven't been to in awhile. Nonetheless- absolutely GET OUT THE HOUSE!

Jenee---I agree Get Out The House(change of scenery), anything else?

Ashley G---Yea, pick up a new hobby or rekindle the flames to an old hobby. Also, don't forget to work out, nothing like a breakup to rev up your anger and burn that fuel off. Besides, its easy to gain weight while in a relationship, so GET YOUR ASS IN SHAPE!

Ashley and I continued to talk things up female to female. Follow us on youtube and find out more ideas for a prescription after a bad break up.