Stay Pretty Forever (SPF)

I enjoy keeping my readers entertained and educated. As Spring ends and Summer around the corner, I know many of my followers are ready to hit the beach and start tanning. What I want you to remember while you soak in the sun, is though the Sun is beautiful and beneficial to us. Her rays can be very harmful and sometimes deadly.  With this post I want you to be informed and print these tips if neccessary as a reminder so you can Stay Pretty Forever......

Stay Pretty Forever(SPF) Tips:

UVR(ultra violet rays) are strongest between 10am and 2pm during the day, please wear sunscreen.

Sunscreen should be used 365 days a year no matter your skin’s shade.  When you're not in direct sunlight, SPF 15 is great.  When you are at a picnic, shopping in the outdoors, etc. SPF 30 is perfect.  When at the beach or sun bathing use SPF 45 or higher.

What does SPF 15, 30, 45 mean?--- The SPF number is X times the usual amount of time it takes your skin to get sunburned . Example: if you normally stay in the sun 25 minutes without getting burned or turning color. SPF 15 times 25 minutes = 375 minutes(6 hours) your allowed to stay in the sun without getting sun burned.    

If your SPF 15 or 30 does not contain avobenzone, titanium dioxide, or zinc oxide. You are protected from the UVB rays (which causes sunburn), but not UVA rays (which causes skin cancer and wrinkles).

Best protection from the sun, is using sun screen 20 minutes before leaving your home(not when applied at the beach or in the car).

If you love to tan, the safest tan is the one bought off the shelf.  Last tip, always remember to apply a sunscreen to your morning facial regime before walking out the door or applying makeup.

Hypothetically, lets say you did not take heed to my advice above and OMG you got burned by the sun.  Have no fear, I still care, listed below are tips for those with sun burns.

Do not cover your sunburn with thick salves (butter, heavy lotions, or thick creams), this will trap heat and cause more damage

Use a cool compress for several hours, taking it on and off the skin. Nothing too cold and please do not apply ice.

Do not soak your skin in water, it inhibits the healing response

The best way to care for sunburn, is for your skin to repair itself and use a light weight moisturizer like aloe Vera to calm and soothe the skin.
Your skin is your ultimate fashion statement to the world, remember to take care of it.
This is what can happen when you do not.

Well I hope this helps Ladies and Gents, stay tuned, because next week I will post the "How To" of self tanning from the bottle.  Leave a comment or any suggestions about this post.....