"Anti-Aging" Really Society......

I have a difficult time listening to infomercials and ads referring to products as “Anti-Aging.” As if society should be against the aging process, a course that if we are lucky to go through, it should be a liberating experience, not one of fear. What society and individuals do not realize, is preventive steps and daily regiments can make your outside organ, the living skin, one of health and vitality, where age is truly just a number.

The most common complaints of mature skin are: wrinkles, dryness, fine lines, hyper pigmentation and fat loss. All of which can be minimized or diminished with procedures.

The following is a 6 Step Facial Rejuvenation Program by Brooke Rutledge Seckel, M.D. Author of Save Your Face and Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery, from Harvard Medical School. These 6 Steps address facial changes that occur in ages 30-60. Some steps can be omitted, depending on skin concerns….

1.) Exfoliate(to form new skin cells)
2.) Stimulate new collagen formation(to keep the skin plump)
3.) Removal of abnormal pigmentation and blood vessels(skin spots)
4.) Relaxation of lines of facial expression(botox)
5.) Fill deep facial lines(Restylane or Radiesse)
6.) Skin Tightening(Thermage)
(customize what works better for you)

Procedures that do well with Aging Gracefully explained in short:
*Microdermabrasion- is a polishing device used to exfoliate the upper layers of the skin and aids superficial spots to look less noticeable.
*Retin A- is a prescribed topical cream used to help stimulate collagen production, prevent collagen breakdown, and lessen pigmentation of the skin.
*Chemical peels- usually a glycolic, lactic or salicylic acid, are used to reduce fine lines and age spots.
*Botox- (Botulinum toxin) reduces the activity of muscles responsible for wrinkles.
*Radiesse and Restylane- uses your own fat and other fillers that are injected into your skin beneath a deep facial line to plump skin, camouflage the lines, and used to contour the face.
*Thermage- is a non surgical, skin tightening technique

Though these 6 Steps were listed, never forget to be conscious of what you put into your body, commit to daily exercise, and a skin care routine to assist in your journey of Aging Gracefully.

*The information listed should be used as a guide for information, please visit your local Dermatologist or Aesthetician for more details.

Stay Beautiful