Bold and Beautiful Hues

I am a huge fan of  BOLD colors to use on your face.  But using too many colors can leave observers wondering? 

What exactly are they trying to cover up?  Even Artistry has its limits.

Unless your in a fashion show, taking pictures for a portfolio, or into media work, why are you over dramatizing your face?
There is a time and place for excessive makeup.  

Rule of thumb: Do not focus on more than 2 features of your face.
Features: Eyes(eye shadow and liner), cheeks(blush), lips(lip color and gloss) .  This beauty focus area is her eyes.

Rhianna focus is eyes and lips, but your eyes zoom directly to her red lips.  Eyes are dramatizing, but  not with over powering eyeshadow.
  Remember although these ladies are beautiful. 
MakeUp is a form of art.  Leave some looks for the runway.  Feel free to agree or not agree with my post.  A pictute of your bold hues will be perfect :)    

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