Natural Hair Maintenance

I know many ladies desire the natural look, but the lack of information can become frustrating.  Trust me I know it took years before I did the BIG CHOP and said, The Hell With It :)

Here are 6 Easy Steps to ensure TLC for your hair- An experience you can handle. 

1. Section and part your hair into four/five sections (braid it, twist it, or pin up each section).
2.While taking a shower or at the sink, separate each section, and shampoo or condition
3. Comb through and re braid the hair after each section (this helps avoid tangling).
4. Towel Blot hair, remember to handle your curls with care- avoid dragging the towel against your hair to avoid unwanted breakage and allow hair to soak in all the water (our hair loves water :)
5. Proceed to style  

*Natural hair does not need shampoo on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (unless there is product build up i.e- gels or creams)
*When using shampoo, make sure it is a moisturizing shampoo (keep watch for my ingredient post to avoid and look for).
*You can condition your hair ofter, conditioner is used to put moisture back in the hair after shampoo has stripped your natural oils away. 
*Remember, natural hair loves water, moisture, and oils to maintain its softness and shine.