Pre and Post Magic Mike Night Out

Ladies are ecstatic of the release of Magic Mike, I am one of them.  Though many spouses will not be too thrilled to take their ladies to see the movie, this will be one for the girls........  Although married, I still love to look devilishly sexy.  For my partnered and single ladies out there, I hope you will make this evening a girls night out with drinks before and/or after the show.  If your not rev up before the show you will be after and your confidence will be sky high......Now, what to wear????
The goal here is fun and flirty outfit  with an eye catching heal
Always play on your lashes
Remember to keep a sexy focus on your lips

Now for my relationship ladies: when you return home, pour a glass of wine with your mate and play a game of "I never," example: I never had anyone kiss me on the........ (you fill in the blank ) and/or a game of "truth or dare."  Im pretty sure you are already "ready," but make it fun- therefore you and your mate will have a memorable night :)