Enjoy Glowing Skin

 One of the great beauties in black skin is its reflection from the light.  A black woman shines and radiates in the gleam of light.  In a previous post I told you how you can get supple and plump skin (which is the key to aging gracefully and looking younger).  One of my favorite products that I dab on after taking a shower(still wet then I air dry) is.....
Vaseline Coco Butter

I love this product.  It helps my skin feel smooth and rich.  If you are on a budget and still want to create the effect of glowing skin.  Try.......
Vaseline- a universal agent that should be in every woman's home.

Baby Oil
 and every woman's best friend -Shea Butter.
Which can be bought raw and mixed using all or any other ingredients to make your own buttery concoction.  
If I am out of Vaseline's Coco Butter, I have no problems using a little Vaseline topped with baby oil, it still gets the effect I want.  Shea butter can be used for many skin issues(I don't suggest using on the face if you have oily skin, it can clog your pores).  Be creative when mixing your skin batch and let me know how it feels.   
 So look and feel radiant tonight.  If your  wanting extra TLC use a scrub before you oil your body.  Happy Glow :)