The Lash Glue Craze

There is a huge craze about lash glue.  My friends, if you are getting lashes please ask, "what kind of glue are you using?"  If she/he can not tell you, please move along.

Some service techs are using hair bonding glue because it lasts longer and works double duty, gluing your hair and lashes, but the after effects of using this type of glue on the most sensitive area of your face "your eyes" is a NO-NO!  Not only will your natural lashes tear off with the glue and lash, but  you're also at risk for damaging your eyes with harsh fumes or a human error, where they drop glue in your eyes....imagine.

There are over the counter glues you can use....
Some glue is intended for single lashes and some are intended for strip lashes.  Also, these types of glue allow your lashes to last at the most only days.  If you want longer lasting lashes seek professional help, your eyes are worth it.

This eye accessory is gorgeous, but not at the price of your eyes.  For lash maintenance tips go to the side bar for beauty or lashes and learn ways to keep your falsies looking great :) enjoy