Mommy Michelle Obama


What I love most about our first family is Michelle with her daughters Sasha and Malia.  To watch this family and see the girls grow is amazing.  Michelle portrays a modern mother with an old school twist.  Not only is Michelle intelligent, poised, beautiful, and radiates confidence.  She adores her husband President Obama. 

 I am so proud of this family and what they represent.  They reflect a family of strength and an image that makes you proud to be an American.  As every woman knows, Michelle, 9 times out of 10 holds it all together.  Sasha and Malia have a lot on their shoulders and I hope they continue to handle it with beauty, dignity, and grace as they have done so already for the previous four years.

I know Michelle will continue to inspire her country with her messages of healthy living and show through action, instead of words, how to raise amazing young girls to ladies that mature into women.  Michelle Obama I salute you.
and way to go ladies, you represent your country well.

What are words of wisdom you would tell the Sasha and Malia or words of wisdom you would tell your own daughter about what she represents?