Sexy After Childbirth

After 30 and kids are you allowed to still look like a sexual fantasy?  The media exploits a young woman's body to be the standard of a sexy woman.   Although these ladies are usually 18, is this true though?  What happens once you have children? Some get excess skin, tiger stripes (stretch marks), and weight gain.    Do you still feel sexy and sensual?    

  After childbirth women begin to get serious body issues along with postpartum depression.

What can you do?  I go on record saying, unless you get a tummy tuck your stripes are there forever.  And if you buy creams, sometimes they can diminish the looks, but that does the job when you have new stretch marks (which looks bluish-purple).

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself you have a choice.  A choice to accept who you are and be proud of your achievement, which is bringing life into this world.  You earned every stripe.

Another suggestion is considering body art.........

I believe in sexiness with motherhood

Sexy Mommas:

Embrace your womanhood, embrace your curves, and embrace your stripes.