My 5 Tips to a Successful Relationship

Many people hope for a happily ever after, until they realize being in a relationship is not for the simple minded.  To have a successful relationship takes effort, a lot of  compromising, understanding of the other person's views, and dealing with your own issues at the same time.  Its cool to be single, but it is so awesome to have someone to love, hold you, and talk to(like an in home best friend).
 Listed are my great tips to having a blissful marriage or committed relationship.  These are in no particular order.
Take vacations together and make time for "Your Time" together
What you absolutely must do is take time out for you and your Hunny. I don't care if you have children, working crazy hours, or feel like you are tired because you work too much.  Take the time to spend with your lover.  The person you are married to or  in a committed relationship with now, is not the person you were with X years ago.  People change with their experiences,  so make sure you take the time out to connect with the person you are spending your life with.  
Have a lot of sex (every form counts)
Sex, Sex, and more sex- You're not going to tell me you and your husband are not kissing- hugging- or touching each other, because I will ask, how much do you have sex?  In my opinion you should be having sex or some form of it at least 4 days a week (trust me that is not too much).  Don't say you are too tired or overwhelmed, because I will say "make and find the time."  You are living together, so rather its in the bathroom, sending the kids to their room to have "your time," or if you both work, meeting up at lunch to do your do- FIND THE TIME.  So much fun can come from just creating or finding ways to make the time too.  If you are a competitive person, try having sex 30 days straight, but if you miss a day, you have to start over.  I will confess, I have not made my 30 day mark yet, but I am getting close :-)
Make sure you are talking to each other
You will be surprise how easy it is to talk and communicate with each other when you are both sexually satisfied and have a common goal to have a successful relationship.  TALKING is the key, not yelling, when you notice high pitch talking easing in, take a breath to recuperate.  When two people are yelling no one is really listening.   You should be talking every day.  When something is bothering you, please don't allow it to fester by not saying something, but make sure your emotions are not screaming at him or her when you want to talk about what is bothering you.  Facial and body gestures speaks volumes without words. 
Exercise and Eat Healthy
Final tip, don't let yourself go.  Make the time to exercise and absolutely eat healthy.  You want each other to be around for your lifetime .  Chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressures, heart diseases, etc. are all preventable.  The key is to eat healthy and exercise, I am not making this up :-)  I know sometimes life can get a little stressful, but its your choice on how you choose to handle your stress- take it to the gym, not to the kitchen.  

I hope my tips help.


  1. Those are some hard tips to keep up with girl, especially once you hit that 2 year mark! lol

  2. You think so, which do you find to be hard?