Starting my 5K run

I am not a fitness expert, but I love fitness and what it can do for your mind and your body.  Before the pregnancy of my son,  I worked out 5 to 6 days a week.  This desire to workout came from me wanting to run a marathon for my 26th birthday.  Before I knew it, 2 days a week turned into 6 days a week and my clear thoughts, good attitude, and sexy body proved to me, working out would fundamentally be part of my life.
Gaining almost 100 pounds with the birth of my son, working out is  now not an option for me, it is a must.    I gained close to 50 pounds with the birth of my daughter and it took almost 5 years to get my body in the sphere of my fitness expectations.  Although I worked out, I did not diet (still don't believe in diets).  I think a mix of being young, exercising, and being conscious of what I ate played a big part in me meeting my fitness goals.
As I am approaching 30, have two adorable kids, and a deliciously sexy husband, health, fitness, and "looking good" has become a high priority for me.  I wanted to share with you what I am learning and keep you abreast with tips to reach any fitness goals you may have.

As I sign up for my 5k run, the extra weight I have (now) really made me question my running form.  As I attempted to run, my ankles or my knees would feel uncomfortable, so I decided to post some great youtube videos on proper running that I found to be so valuable.  Once I followed their advice, running has become so much more easier for me.
Before watching this video I totally ran with my ass sticking out.
Before watching this video, I ran the same way I walked.

I watched other videos too, but those two were so informative to  me.
 I signed up for a running group at and still unsure about which 5K event I will run for 2013, but I have given myself 16 weeks to be sure I "run" for the entire event.

So wish me luck and follow me to see my success.

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