Learn How to Create Invisible Twists

While on youtube a few days ago I saw a method of braiding my own hair with extensions that I fell in love with.  So when you guys see me you know what it is, no my hair did not grow 10 inches within a few months, lol.
Black Onyxx, on youtube used a different type of hair.  I used the Janet Collection (resembles Marley braiding hair) and used 4.5 packs with 3 stands per part.  A few days later, because everyone kept telling me how long my hair is and how good it looked, I used this method on my daughter, but used the Kanekalon hair.  The Kanekelon hair was way to shiny, I did not like the outcome as much.  
I wanted to share Black Onyx's method of the Havanna Twists with you too :-)
Cool right! Hope to see you rocking your new do too :-)  What I love most about this style is you can do it yourself and even if you completely botch the style, it still looks good :-)