Rethink The Way You View Your Foods

Guess what?! We have been lied to.  The more I put my health first and discover the politics, marketing campaigns, and monies invested into the lies they feed us about "good health" the more appalled I get.

Growing up I was taught by my mother, my school, and the media that I had to drink milk and it was great for my bones.  You've heard that too right.  Well guess what, that is wrong and honestly more than 60 percent of the population is lactose intolerant.  Honestly, your body needs calcium, but not cow calcium, calcium can be achieved through other food alternatives (keep reading).

 A cow's breast milk has calcium because they are herbivores that eat from the pasture.  Calcium is in the grass they eat, but that comes from the sun.  So if you need a fix of Vitamin D- go sit in the sun.  If you are looking for an alternative for calcium in your foods turn to broccoli, almond milk, and oranges to name a few(remember green is the key(collards, kale, arugula, etc.)).
******F.Y.I- a cow's breast milk is meant for a calf that will grow into a 400 pound cow, not a human.  No wonder you aren't loosing the weight- right.

Now lets look at meat, you were told, "you have to eat meat, it has protein."  True, animal meat does have certain amino acids in them, but you can get your protein from legumes too.  Plus you can never go wrong with your fruits and vegetables.  Keep in mind the amount of protein you need in your diet is at least 6% and at most 15% to 10%.   I'm not making this up, its true.  The reason the government says eat at least 35% of protein is, if you eat less than 30%, you would not have to eat meat.  The agricultural business has a great big green dollar hand in our system.   Besides, with what they are feeding these animals nowadays I wouldn't want to touch another animal carcass, let alone have it settle in my belly (that's a topic for another post, so stay tuned in).

                                                                         Bon Appetite

Last, but not least, I want to remind you to be a conscious consumer and conscious about what you put into your body.  I know McDonald's fries is off the chain and that steak from outback is delicious, but is it worth your life and ultimate health?
Don't think too long, because it is not. I know eating should not be as complicated as they make it.  We are a species that has lived longer than a long time. I am sure it was not done by eating fast foods and indulging in take outs.  This food pyramid is the closest to what eating healthy is....

Drink plenty of water, live an active lifestyle, overeat on fruits and vegetables, eat whole grains like potatoes  yams, and brown rice, eat your legumes like beans, peas, and seed, and go lite on the fats (good fats) like avocados and nuts.

 However you start, just remember your health is a journey and not a continuum to an end.  The best result would be to educate your self, don't just take my advice.  Listening to others is why we (Americans) has 65% of the population overweight or obese.
# Get motivated