"Me Tyme"

I love what it means to be a woman.  I love my soft skin, my hips, breasts, and my natural hair.  Every attribute attributed to being Fem-me are qualities I love and adore.
I'm not saying don't love who you are inside, but your outside is what you say without speaking. Their are a few things in life that every woman will not get enough of and if you are pissed at the world,  I bet you are not getting enough of it.  The best part is" Me Tyme" can be done without the help of anyone else or with.
A pedi/mani has always done the trick for me.  A pedi/mani can take me from stressed witch mode to relaxed chick mode quickly.  
Facials are rejuvenating and relaxing to say the least.  Getting one by someone else or done by yourself can release all the stresses and anxieties from the day.  Plus you'll have great skin, which is an added bonus.  
I am the first to say, au nautral is sexy to say the least, but I will not deny my love for makeup and lashes.  MakeUp is a way to transform whatever look you are achieving   
I have always preached about the importance of taking care of your crown(your hair).  If you choose to wear it chemical free, relaxed, in braids, or in weaves it does not matter.  What matters is you are taking care of yourself from top to bottom.  Your hair is the crown on your head- take care of it.

Remember what I said about Me Tyme being done with our without someone?  Sex is included, we are creatures that yearn to be touched, hugged, and loved.  

These are just 5 ideas for your "Me Tyme."  Me Tyme is a reminder to remember what makes you excited, motivated, and balanced.  What are some Me Tyme ideas you have that bring you joy?