Primping for V Day

Valentines is almost here, I hope you are preparing for the Big Day or Big Night.  The fun part is, you don't have to break bank to tell your loved one "I Love You."  Just remember actions are always better than words and things. Let's take a look at the basics of primping yourself for the day.


I don't like to camouflage, but I love to accentuate.  This is not the time to focus on what you do not like about your body, focus on what you love about you and go from their.  Remember the key is to "highlight" to build your confidence and excitement about the night.

This look is playful and very forgiving.  Great for muffin tops and heavy chested girls.  Even my ladies that want to bring it in at the waist or my prego ladies out there.  Great sleep wear and V-Night apparel.  

Every girl deserves at least one: A corset.  A corset pulls it all in and will become a best friend to wear in the bed or in the streets.
                                               Both night apparels are error proof for the night.
 If buying a lingerie is not in the cards for you, a birthday suite with an easy off jacket will do the trick or  get creative, wear a big white T that says something basic like "I Love You."  My point is be creative, you wont have it on for long anyway.

Depending on what you are doing in them, decide what pumps to rock. 
Stilettos give you height and a feeling of power and control.
If dancing is on the agenda, remember wider soles and thicker heals will help you stand longer.

Clean hands and feet are a must.  
So are those eyebrows and
I don't care if you wax it, shave it, or laser it.  REMOVE THE HAIR.  

This is your day to have fun and think outside the box to look good, feel confident, and be sexy....
These tips are the basics.  Stay up to date with me for makeup, at home pedi/mani and more............