How I Lost 12 Pounds in 30 Days

I am so excited!  I've been evolving more and more into a person that loves to take care of herself more and more.  Since January 2013 I started vlogging on YouTube about my fitness journey since the birth of my baby boy.  It is official, I lost 50 pounds all together within the past 8 months, but last month was the most weight I ever lost in a month.
There are magazines, pills, videos, etc. all promoting the answer to weight loss.  I know for sure I have the cure and guess what, it doesn't include spending money.  The more I learn through research, the more I realize everyone can live a simple healthy living lifestyle, but they have to choose to make a change.

I've been journaling my progress and wanted to share the good news with you.............

  •   Don't eat while you're watching t.v.  you are distracted and not conscious of your belly telling your brain "I'm full."  I realized I overate a lot when watching the television.  My suggestion: sit to the table and focus on the taste of the foods ( is it spicy, sweet, warm,....) and enjoy your meal.
  • Try not to eat while you're bored or if you're angry.  Can someone say BINGE.
  • Don't go grocery shopping while hungry.  If I'm hungry and shop for food I come out with chips, juice pops, t.v. dinners, the list goes on.  Items I wouldn't usually buy because I'm thinking "what can I eat in the car." 
  • Limit the amount of processed foods you eat.  I've gotten to the point, if it has more than 5 ingredients listed, I won't buy it.  That doesn't mean I never will, but it's not a main staple in my life.
  • FAST.  There is a reason many religions and ancients talked about fasting.  Do you have any idea how amazing your body is, really?  People don't honor their body enough for what it is; a living breathing organism.  At any moment if it decides it doesn't want to do this any more, it could result in illness or death. When you give your body a time to rest and not work so hard to keep you going, it will appreciate that.  You can start off light with fasting from yourself from processed foods.  Keep track of how you feel too and watch how amazing it is. 
I will be vlogging more tips on my YouTube channel for what I have learned along the way thus far, so follow me for updates and stay tuned. I'll be posting tips of my exercise, food choices, and more.

"You will be good to others when you are great to yourself"-Jenee Michell