Food Alternatives (Bye-Bye Extra Pounds)

There are many diets out telling you how to eat, what not to eat, counting calories, etc.  Honestly, it is so overwhelming, there is no wonder America is 65% overweight/obese.  I'm not telling you my list below is what you should do, but it is a suggestion of some changes I have made to my healthy living lifestyle.

  • My main food staple is fruits, vegetables, starch, beans, with a handful of seeds/nuts.  I eat one or two of these items with every meal, but fruit is my favorite. 
  •  I don't drink cow's breast milk, but I do drink almond milk- vanilla flavor is my favorite and it tastes great with cereal. 
  •  If I eat cheese or feel like a  burger, I eat vegan cheese and a vegan burger.  It has much less additives and preservatives plus the taste is GREAT.  A perfect alternative to cow meat.
  •   Fried foods is out, my alternative would be to bake.  If it's a must please use olive oil;, but baking is still better.  Oil is pure fat, if you want to shed the body of fat, why are you feeding it pure fat?  
  • My last suggestion is meal substitutions.  What I've learned about myself,  is in the morning I am not starving for food so why put something heavy in my belly to kick start my day(it would leave me sluggish and tired)?  Smoothies are fulling, sweet to super charge you, and just what the body ordered when you make a natural juice filled with fruits/veggies.  Yum-Yum.  If you have to add a toast  or bagel to it fine, what ever satiates your taste buds.  The goal is you paying attention to you, but get it in.
These are some of my tips, but sign up to my YouTube channel for more guidance.  I'm not here to sell you anything.  I believe in people feeling great about themselves.  Over the past generations our population has gotten more and more sick, overweight, and either dead or the quality of their life has changed dramatically at such a young age.  I wake up in the morning and I feel great.  I want to pass on what I'm doing to help me feel this way.  Remember- Reach 1, Teach 1.  I'll be posting about my favorite smoothie mixtures and hopefully you will let me know how your health journey is going at 

"You will only be good to others when you are great to yourself"- Jenee Michell