Healthy Eating Lifestyle Tips

I'm changing the way I think of food.  For twenty plus years food has been my confidant and best friend.  I could always find the perfect treat to satisfy my mood.  Now that I'm paying close attention to my process I notice that; although I may not start off perfect or be perfect throughout the day, my daily intent is to live a healthy lifestyle.

What I want to put in my body, how I think, and what I choose, will effect the way my body adapts to the nutrients I give it.

                                            With your goal in mind, try to enjoy the process.


  • When you take food away from your diet.  Remember to replace it with something that's healthier (example: lard for butter / or butter for olive oil).
  • Eat less processed foods and replace them with more fruits and vegetables.
  •  I've realized how easy it is to over eat while watching t.v.  Therefore, sit to the table, the "I am full" signals are more clearly understood without distractions. 

  • Don't forget to recognize your moments of validation.  When you recognize an improvement you've made, offer a moment of validation, write it down, or do something nice for yourself.
  • Instead of eating when you're angry or bored # take it to the streets for a walk.
  • Give up the meat.  When I was two years vegetarian I'd praise on how awesome I felt and how full of energy I was.  If you think, "I cant give up my meat," then try to eat less of it (start a meatless day or take meat out the equation for a meal or two).  Realize, animal carcass is more fat than protein.  Also, remember you're letting dead animal parts sit in your belly for days at 98.7 degrees before it attempts to flow out your system.
  • Consider this too, have you ever fasted?  I think there's a reason many religions have written about the benefits of fasting.  I've done a non processed food fast for two days, a juice fast for 2 days, and no foods at all for 24 hours.  I have yet to do a mono fast (eating one type of food all day). I think its important to give your body a rest from digestion at times.  

  • Another huge tip is to make sure you move your body every day.  I will be posting At- Home- Moments- To- Move- Your- Body, so stay tuned.  Until then, make time to go for a walk/jog/run. Some days may be easier than others, but you will feel great afterwards :-) 
  • In connection with the previous tip, allow no more than 2 days go by without you doing some form of physical activity.

I really hope this helps, if you have tips you would like to share, please do below.