At ~Home~ Facial (15 mins.)

I would love to have a facial every two weeks.  Most Aestheticians see their clients bi-weekly to help control breakouts, remove blackheads, and even out skin complexions.  I personally love the ambiance of being in a relaxing environment.
Even if I don't make the time every two weeks, my skin lets me, when I am over due.  It begins to look rough and dry (at least in my case).
I'll give you some basic steps to get the most out of a 15 minute at~home~facial
*Optional~ boil water......

Step 1) Cleanse your face (best for oily skin to use a foam cleaner/ dry skin should use a moisturizing cleanser) 1 minute

Step 2) Exfoliate your skin with an exfoliant and use your hands to massage your skin, using this facial diagram as a guide. 3 minutes. Then remove......
Step 3) Apply a mask to your face to squeeze out any impurities, this also helps your face to feel like an instant face lift. 7 minutes

Step 4)*Optional, pour water into a bowl and place your face over the bowel to feel the steam.              5 minutes (This step brings you to a 20 minute facial).
Step 5) Wipe your face with a cool cloth. 2 minutes

Step 6) Ask yourself, "How do I feel" and apply a night cream or sunscreen for the rest of the day.             2 minutes

You can make your facial as long or as short as you'd like.  This is just a simple guide to remember.
Have Fun :-)