Treat Your Spouse to a "Lovers Facial"

Its that time of year to again.  The time to spend for the holiday season.   Keep in mind though, some of your most memorable moments can be the times you spend little to no money on a gift, but was able to create the same high of love and thankfulness within your relationship.

Have you ever considered giving your spouse a facial to celebrate a special day or just because you love them.  I will give you a step by step Lover's Facial.  The best part is you have all the ingredients in your kitchen :-)

1.)Set the mood, lay a sheet over your bed or on your couch and light scented candles.
2.) If you have a crock pot, fold at least four towels and place the towels in, turn on low.
3.) Massage his shoulders and start with the cleanser (1 tsp liquid soap, 2 tbsp water, 2 tbsp honey, 1/2 cup olive oil)  
4.) Massage cleanser into face (slowly, seductively, and hopefully sexually :-))
5.) use towel 1 to wipe off(don't rub hard)
6.) Use your scrub (all the ingredients from cleanser, but add sugar)
7.) Use towel to wipe off (again, don't rub hard -move slowly)
8.)Now use your astringent (1/4 the cup pure apple juice, 4 tbsp witch hazel)
9.) You can use a mask(if you do, use 10 minutes of your time to indulge in other playtime (wink-wink) or use this time to massage his scalp.
10.) moisturize the face and Waa La......
*Trust me your man feels great :-)
11.) If you have the time, jump in the shower together and use an at home body scrub (2 cups sea salt with olive oil).
Have Fun and let me know how it went :)