Our Metrosexual Men

We have a horrible misconception in our community about our men.  At childhood they are told, "be a man," even if they are just two years old, "that's for girls," or my personal favorite "boys don't cry."  These statements let them believe they are inhuman or shouldn't have feelings, because any signs of softness would label them weak or less than a man.

Thanks to men like:

 Kanye West
                                                                   Jay Z
                                          Lebron James, Dawayne Wade, and many more.

 No longer is a man that takes care of his body, looks, and outward appearance labeled as feminine.  Instead he is seen as an adult, a business man, or somebody going places and doing things.  Finally the secret is out......
Looking good is not a crime, its an image and visually speaks to the world.

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