Young Girls and MakeUp?

A friend of mine asked a question, "At what age should a girl be allowed to wear makeup?"  Eighteen, sixteen, thirteen, what age is the "right" age?
                             Moms that I adore is Michelle Obama and Jada Pickett Smith.

I understand that as a mother you want to raise your little girl into a respectful, intelligent, poised young lady.  All while allowing her to be who she is and giving her space to grow into that young woman.

In the 21st century times have changed and no longer are the days of Momma said no, therefore you listened.   Now days kids sneak behind parents back and do what they think are the best choices for them at that time.  

My suggestion to you is be involved and make sure you can participate as much as possible with your little girl and how she views the world.  Because one day soon, she will not be as that " little girl" you once knew.  She will grow, develop and experience life to evolve her personality as an individual.
So whatever age you choose, make it a special event like the day she gets her period, her sweet 16, or the day she tells you she likes a boy.  These days are coming mom and you want to be apart of it and stare her in the right direction.

Talk to her about makeup, what she expects to get from wearing makeup, and why she wants to wear it, then go from there.......
Pretween and Teen MakeUp Classes are available

Good Luck :-)
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