OMG My Daughter Got Her Period!

It's that time, your little girl is no longer a baby and it is time to celebrate her rite of passage.  Getting your period is a big deal for a young girl and it should be celebrated.

Do you know what having a period means for your little girl? It means her body is producing eggs and capable of having babies, YES- BABIES! Yikes right :-) well, if you have not yet had the talk about sex, this is the best time to have "the talk."
Don't be afraid of this Mom, remember you are the leader and showing disgust,  dislike, or discomfort about what your amazing body can do will only plant those seeds in your baby girl's head.  This is a good thing, so make it positive and exciting, because she is developing as a Big Girl.
I have an idea on how to celebrate this moment and I don't think you will go wrong even if you choose one of the ideas.  Educating your daughter about her body is diffidently the first step.  Talk to her about what is going on, what she can expect, how often to clean, and let her know she can always come to you at any time.  
My favorite ritual for everything is a Spa Day! What better way to celebrate this special time if not to relax your mind,body, and fill it with laughter.  
An at home spa, getting mani/pedi's together, or having a day at the spa, whichever option you choose, trust me she will remember it forever.
If you can get her a journal to write down her thoughts, a calender to keep track of her menstrual,  and buy her a special gift like a charm bracelet, a book, a necklace, roses, or a moon ring only puts the topping on the cake :-)

And makes that day a special day to remember.

* If you have any suggestions to celebrating this special day let us know and post a comment*