What's In Your MakeUp Bag?

If you are in love with makeup as I am -  great :-) If not, no worries I have the essentials and non essential makeup items you can or can not live without.
 First essential is foundation, foundation, foundation! Do construction workers build a house without laying down a foundation?  No, and the way you lay your face will effect everything you place on top.  So with your foundation, NO SKIMPING!  Depending on your budget MAC, NARS, and Jane Iredale are great products that usually run you at least $35 on a product, but they have great products.  If those names are not in your price range: Maybelline's Dream Matte Mouse,  Revlon's Photo Ready Airbrush, and Dream Liquid Mousse are foundations you can purchase at your local Target or drugstore.  They offer great coverage and costs half the price.
2nd essential is mascara.  I love my mascara :-) this is a product you can skimp on.  The huge difference I've seen in mascara is waterproof or their wands have different bristles.  Maybelline's Great Lash (pink and green) and Cover Girls Fantastic Lash (waterproof) are great buys.

If you wear eyeshadow, DO NOT SKIMP on this product.  When you buy cheap eye shadow it moves around, it never looks the color in the palette unless you use an obsessive amount at one time, and it looks cheap.  Even if you buy cheap, the goal is never to look it.  So not only is this not an essential in your everyday makeup, do not skimp on your shadow.
Another makeup essential I do not want you to skimp on is your lipstick.  The price you put on your lips will show when it dries fast, leaving you with chap lips, or you're paying double the price anyway with the amount you have to put back on your lips after a few hours of just putting it on (this also tells you the lip color is seeping into your lips# cheap or # too drying).
Eye/Lip pencils are not only non essentials, they can be used for either/both :-), but its a tough one to consider skimp or not to skimp.  I have yet to use a higher end pencil and it not do the job perfect, but you can get away with using cheaper versions.  My only complaint is beware, so often the cheaper versions that work great can leave stains on where lined them (meaning you work harder to take off).

Fake lashes and blush are non essential makeup that you can be frugal with your wallet.
But whatever items you put in your bag, remember makeup should be used to enhance your features.  So make sure you wash your face at least once a day and make your natural skin the ultimate fashion statement :-)

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