2 in 1 Beauty Buys

There are 100's of items you can use for multiple purposes, but for this post I will list a few, so make sure you  sign up to get more information on ways to save for your wallet.  

My first 2 in 1 beauty must have is baking soda.  Baking soda is one of those "grandma's favorite" that have so many different uses,  my favorite use is teeth whitening.  Mix baking soda with lime and you have your concoction (use it no more than once a week though, so you wont strip your enamel).
My second 2 in 1 save is baby shampoo.  Not only are you able to gently wash your baby, you can also take a dab to remove your eye makeup.  Cool right :-)
Have you ever stained your dress, shirt, or item of clothing and thought DAMN its ruined.  No its not :-) cut it baby- cut it.  Guess what, now you have a stunning scarf ;-)
My followers know I love my Vaseline.  Not only is it used to heal your skin from injury, a universal lip gloss, used to make your lashes stand out with a clean fresh face, it also can be used as a lotion/skin protector.  It has so many uses this is a must in every person's home.
My last 2 in 1 for this post is witch hazel.  Witch Hazel is one of Mother Nature's naturally grown beauty concoctions.  Not only is witch hazel great for medicinal purposes(sun burns, insect bites, etc.), dab some witch hazel on your pimple or if you have oily skin use witch hazel to keep the oil at bay- your're already looking fabulous right? 

These are some of my 2 in 1 beauty favorites, stay tuned for a list of more :-)  If you have any you would like tell us about comment about it.

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