Create Your Holiday Look

Dare to look fabulous this holiday season wearing your festive holiday colors.......
 Everyone knows I am a big fan of natural makeup and not looking too made up for any occasion, but for the holidays a little extra is okay.
Let me start by saying, not everyone can pull off red lips.  But an easy rule of thump is: my fair skin girls, look heavenly with robust red lips.  My darker skin girls are fierce in a deeper red to accentuate their deep-rich skin tone.
No reason to be afraid of this color.  Red looks awesome when worn correctly.  Due to the rich shade I suggest adding a dab of gloss to pop it off right, but NO BLACK LINER- please!!! If you must wear a liner go no darker than a few shades from the red color you are rocking.

Always add to your eyes, but please no eyeshadow, unless you are outlining in black.
And every face looks refreshed with arched eyebrows.

I have previous posts on blush so check it out for other tips.  And when in doubt about your look, natural will always be your best friend.  Happy Holidays and  show me how you did for the season.
Examples of NO MAAM'
Too light for her skin tone
Wearing black liner with red lips and eye shadow.  Wear one or the other not both.