Hot Celebrities That Don't Eat Meat!

There is a plethora of celebrities that do not eat meat for many different reasons.  It could be for health, animal cruelty, the unnatural products animals are given and fed, and the list can go on and on.
Being Vegan is not a "white thing" or a "girl thing" or a "being soft kind of thing."  But it is a "conscious living kind of thing."  It is a way of life and understanding.
So make sure you are being good to yourself and loving your bodies.
Some of our sisters and brothers have already started :-)
# You will only be good to others, when you are great to yourself#
Other hot vegetarian celebs: Andrea 3000, Common, Prince, Forrest Whitaker, Carl Lewis, Woody Harrelson (or Woody Allen), John Salley, Mike Tyson, Quest Love, Ricky Williams, Travis Barker, Bill Clinton, and Pamela Anderson, just to name a few :-)

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