Why I Went Vegan

There are a plethora of reasons why I decided to get back to being healthy "my way."  I was a vegetarian for two years before the birth of my son.  I remember having mental clarity, full of energy, felt light as a feather, and honestly just loved the way I looked and felt.
I went two years without having a craving to eat meat.  So I didn't know what to do when I began to want it.  During that time in my life I was extremely busy, over worked, and was finding it hard to find places to dine or eat that didn't offer meat or processed entrees.  One day my husband cooked terriyaki chicken and I fell prey.   I didn't feel guilty about it at all and convinced myself this must be natural for me to eat this.  I found my self unable to stop eating meat and began adding it to every meal.

I gave you the background of my story so you can understand, I know what it feels like to be on both ends of the eating healthy spectrum.  I've been on diets, exercised like crazy, and stopped eating meat for some time, but nothing had more of an impact on me mentally and physically like taking away meat and heavy processed foods.
During the pregnancy of my son I ate, ate, and ate with no failing.  I ate out, drinked soda to stay up at work (was already addicted to energy drinks), ate out to fast food chains most morning and during lunch, and as I said before, I made meat a more regular staple of my eating habits and did not know how to stop.  I would tell my family I was stopping and like an addict, relapsed each time.
After having my son and being 75 pounds overweight, I am not only challenging myself, I am getting healthy and being eco-friendly while doing it.  What is different now is the research I have jumped into.  Knowing that farm fed animals like pigs, cows, and chickens that are naturally herbivores, are being fed animal parts, blood, plastic, and injected with not only hormones, but agents that develop cancer, tumors, et cetra is a little unsettling to me.
What freaks me out more is the Genetically Modified Foods that the government says is okay to feed to its nation and not let people know they are eating products that are man-made in a laboratory and not through Mother Nature.  What do I mean by this: cloning, yes it is not science fiction.  Cloning is real and is done to animals to increase profits.  Mother Nature takes months to breed and create a living animal, a genetically modified animal takes minutes.
So why have I stopped eating meats, its not only for my health it is for ethical reasons too.  The information I am continuously finding out is mind wrenching and wrong in my opinion.  Stay up to date with me and I will let you know what I have learned.
Stay Healthy.