Momma G.G (Green Juice Smoothie)

In my opinion when you get up from 8 hours of sleep your body was fasting and rejuvenating itself for the next day.  I like to break my fast with a delicious green smoothie to give me vibrant energy as I start my day (heavy foods in the am make me feel tired and lethargic).

The theme is simple- drink green.  I make a cup of juice or water, mixed with a kiwi, a bowl of grapes, 1 granny smith apple, and a banana.  For my greens I use either kale, parsley, arugula, in this picture I used collards.  The banana helps sweeten the juice or dates would work fine too.

I like to add in flax seeds/chia seeds/ or cayenne pepper (my mom loves it with cayenne).  The cayenne really wakes you up (better than coffee).  You could even add in a lime or lemon to give you a morning zest........then........
 Wahlah, a tall glass of Momma G.G.  My green juice is just what the doctor ordered.  
You can mix and match your smoothie with whatever you want. The goal is to be creative and pay attention to how your body reacts after.  
Have fun!  As a suggestion you can make it a family treat with the kids too.