Mothers With Daughters

If you're a Mom you're blessed.  If you're a mom with a little girl, you have someone that is part you and someone that will carry on your legacy.

Know and understand that who ever you are will have a mirror reflection back to you through your daughter.  Whatever you do or don't do with her will reflect back to who you are as a mother.

As mothers we're not only their teacher, but also her friend. She looks to see how you react and interact with other people as it will lay dormant in her life and set the stage to her life views.

The role of being a mother is not the easiest, but it is the best.  Every child, boy or girl will challenge and develop who you are as a person.  That form of "growth" is one that can not be bought or sold to you, you can only experience it for yourself.

Every girl needs a mother.  A person she can count on, talk to, and listen from.  Just remember as a mother you set the stage for your child's life and through her, your legacy as a women will continue.