Mothers with Sons

The moment the nurse said I was having a boy I wondered who he would be.  While in my womb I knew I would do everything I could to to raise and nurture a boy that would one day be a man.

I've always said Mothers should raise their boys to be the type of man they would want to marry.  A man that believes in honesty, integrity, and could appreciate who a women is.

I have every intention on raising my son to love women, but not defile her.  We have boys at the age of 50 that still have no clue on how to love and respect a woman.  So I often question, "who raised you?"


The thoughts men have towards women come from his first encounter with one, his mother.  As his mother you will be his beginning to how women operate and his true first love.  I ask you mothers with sons, please handle him with care and teach him as much as you can.