The Black Complex (Good Hair)

What is good hair exactly?  I cringe when people say, oh my gosh~ she/he/you (they) have such "good hair."
I also cringe at, Oh my gosh, my hair is too nappy to go natural.  As if the kinks and curls of your hair is a down grade or embarrassment to your identity.
"I'm not comfortable with natural hair", "it just isn't me", or "I just prefer the straight bohemian, store bought hair".  Really?  What you are telling me unconsciously is, I am not comfortable with who I am as a person, I am uncomfortable with my history, and/or~ I have been molded by society that my features are not beautiful enough and I believe them.  Cause lord forbid if black women actually started to love themselves, how many people would be out of this billion dollar industry that plays on the insecurities of women.
Trust me, I was you at a time when I would not leave the house without my weave in or makeup on.  In my head, I felt beautiful only when my "natural self" was covered up and kept hidden.
Underneath it all was the real truth.  The unknowing truth that was hiding the pain, the scars, and hurt behind almost 500 years of slavery.  The truth that although my skin and hair are some of the best features of a black woman; I wanted to deny, conform, and erase all that has happened to me and my history.  So what do you do?  You cover it up and pay it little attention, while it festers beneath.

Now I understand that your outward appearance does not define who you are as a person.  Your weaves are an accessory or added bonus to your lifestyle.  I get it. I also know that the outside you is only a mirror reflection of the inside you.

Just remember that your skin and hair are an extension from your past.  I always say, the sun itself has kissed the black race.  Making our brown skin the fountain of youth, you know black don't crack.  The Sun has shown love to our hair by shining it's waves of energy on our ancestors.  So don't be deceived by the illusions set in place.  We unknowingly realize that our kinks, coils, and curls, which are all uniquely different with every strand, has given us a head of thick and full hair that every woman wants to attain.

 Your brown skin and kinky hair was genetically selected for you and depicts your heritage of Afrakah.  In America we are constantly reminded that black history began with slavery.  Without thought, we don't dare imagine the empires of Kush, Mali, Nubia, Ancient Ghana, and countless others that we descended from.  Instead you learn of Queen Elizabeth, Alexander the Great, Napolean, Christopher Columbus, and the "founding fathers" of America to name a few.  

I write this so that you know Good Hair  is not a type of hair.  Good Hair is the hair on your head that you view as your crown, because it speaks to the world.

Good Hair is the hair you love and nurture no matter the texture or look.  Don't fall victim to the conformed thoughts of our society.  Our perception of ourselves create the reality we see.  I am so proud to be living in this era where we say it loud, Black is beautiful!  Kinky~curly hair that was viewed as untamed and crazy is being appreciated and loved by our self.  We are not waiting on the okay from main stream media, our parents, or views of others.  We are loving our hair.  Without words we are saying, I am black, I am proud, and I appreciate who I am~ naturally.
  The Black Complex