The Black Complex (skin)

I am not writing this post to ridicule or pass judgement on black people.  I'm writing this post in hopes that you will think about the words you say to our little ones and pay attention to what society says and think about us.

We are constantly bombarded with messages from the media, societal views, and those around us that love us.  When we're young, we are instantly judged by our skin color and hair texture before we are able to walk or talk.  

If a child is born with fair skin and that "good hair" as we say in the community, parents are constantly told how beautiful their child is. 
When our babies are born with darker skin and nappy hair, they are told by others, aaah, she/he is so "precious."  
Even Little Wayne himself made a remark to the color struck idea in his song, "Right Above." He said, "beautiful black woman, I bet that b*tch looks better red."  As an artist, Little Wayne spoke a perceptual truth from with in the black community.  The idea that the lighter you are the more desirable, pretty, and accepted you are.  I'm not making this up, just pay attention.  What are the odds of you seeing a dark skin man with a dark skinned women?  The complex is there, again just pay attention. Lets look at music videos or movies, who is the main character and how does she look?  

  When we saw dark skinned women in the media, they usually resembled an Ancha Momma or Mammy stereotype.
So what do our young girls tend to do as they get older~ lighten their skin to be more "perceptually" desirable, prettier, and accepted by others.  
What is your role as a mother, a woman, and a person?  To think thoughts and speak words of acceptance, love, and beauty to all girls.  Do not dissect, segregate, and make superior/inferior remarks about another person's characteristics.  Be conscious, because it creates your reality.  The last little girl you want to create is a woman with low self esteem, little confidence, and hatred for herself. 
Tell her not to compare her jewels with another persons.  We are all created differently as individuals.  Allow her to know her beauty and who she is as a person.  Therefore; no one else will be able to tell her, "what is beauty."  Highlight her features, her characteristics, and her personality so that she knows, not only is she loved, she is also beautiful. It will take you as a woman and/or a mother to change the thoughts and ideas of our next generation. 
The Black Complex....