1 of many reasons why I went Vegan

As I have said before there are a few reasons why I decided to say No to eating meat.

I belive in God and I believe in Karma.  I would like to pledge no part in this inhumane act of violence and a pledge to live a healthy and qualitative life.

7 out of 10 people die every year from chronic diseases (high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, high cholesterol, etc.) 90% of these people that die pre-maturely are in low income communities(majority of them are black).  The poorer you are, the more likely you are to buy non organic, cheap foods to get by and survive.  The more money you have the better you eat.  As you know the white house has a garden in their back yard.  Why would the First Lady feed her family genetically modified foods and foods that are not good for their body so they can die off early.

Programs like Lets Move and National Prevention Society are working with the government and the community so people can be educated and empowered about healthy living.  I suggest you get on board too.

Be Healthy.